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Perfect IT solution for brands and business.

We provide solution Business/Home IT, Networking, Technical IT support, Web Design, cloud services and business analytic. Our various solutions makes I easy for us to provide services to your various type of technology solutions.

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Our Services

Structured Cabling/WiFi

Our proactive approach to solution provision of Monitoring, Managing and analyzing is your gateway to a better network

Web Design Solution

We will work with you from start to finish of a new website or help you over-haul, migrate or redesign an existing website.

Cloud Solution

With various cloud and non cloud providers you can sleep well knowing that your data are backed ups and can be restored.

Home Solution

We replace broken laptop, smartphones and tablet screens, virus and malware removal, PC Tun-ups, data recovery.

Our Process


We evaluate the state of an existing infrastructure; or a new project and provide solutions and ideas that will work best for our client. A logical diagram of the project is rendered using (AutoCAD or MS Visio). A ZDS engineer will seat with client, analyze and explain the step-by-step of the installation process. This also help us to get a physical and mental picture of the project and how best to approach it.


This helps us have a good understand of our client(s) and the nature of their business. We gather information that will play part in the solution being provided like, company color, font, logos, and any specific things that make our work tailored to client(s) specifications. For example a women organization might prefer a pink cable to a blue cable for their data cabling


ZerOne Data Solutions design engineers puts an web based interactive wire-frame of the project based on the information gathered during the site survey. This diagram can be reviewed, commented and updated using (In-vision) web based application. Details will be explained to client before commencement of project.


With our experiences dealing with various vendors in the market, we have an edge over our competitor in getting the best materials and equipments in the market that works with your budget. We will give you a FREE estimate of the project, guaranteed.


Our Installation process starts with a quality and affordable materials in the market and experienced and certified engineer. With our state of the art installation and testing equipment, ZDS will not only install, certify your hardware and software but also warranty our work for one whole year or your money back. “That’s confidence to our work”


Cabling is not complete until each cable is tested and certified from patch panel to drop cable. With the best cable analyzer, ZDS will certify and document the entire project leaving you with soft and hard copy of the project for future reference.


With our experience in normal operating system, network devices, software installation, configuration, support and administration, ZDS is your “ONE STOP SOLUTION” . We will not only resolve your immediate problem, we will analyze your entire system or network and provide you solution that will prevent the incident from occurring again while saving you some greens.


We provide a maintenance solution that helps our client(s) save money, time, and data, which in turn improve productivity and performance. We make sure that your network is working at it require peak to provide optimal production to you business. We have different package of maintenance level that fits your budget. Contact us today and ask for our Basic, Gold or Platinum level of maintenance.

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